IBM - Smart Village Building 144

Our second project with IBM Egypt, and one of our biggest projects till date with more than 250 devices installed and integrated!

It includes one and a half floors, each containing open spaces with work stations, quiet rooms, meeting rooms, a Laboratory, a server room, Manager’s room and conference rooms. The office automation system installed there consists of:

1- Lighting Control: On/Off control over both normal and emergency lighting loads in the whole floor and a half, done using 30 x HDL Relay (HDL-MR0810.432) modules.

2- A/C Control: Full control over 84 Fan Coil Units, through HVAC modules, installed in the ceiling inside Waterproof boxes.

3- Control is done through:

  • 34 x LCD Screen Keypads inside all conference rooms, and for Open Spaces, to control both lighting and HVAC.
  • 79 x 12 in 1 Ceiling Mount Sensors acting as both occupancy and temperature sensors in all closed rooms (quiet and conference rooms) to control lighting and FCUs inside each room using the dual technology, and as temperature sensors only distributed in the open spaces, to control the FCU fans and three-way valves, and ensure accurate temperature readings everywhere inside the floor.
  • 3 x touchscreen Keypads in the security room, acting as central control over each zone separately.
  • iLife is installed and programmed on more than one smartphone/tablet of the key IBM employees, for quick access and control on the system.

4- 6 x 1IP Modules for 6 different buses. They are connected to the internal network of the building.

5- A Logic Module in each panel is used to apply different logic scenarios.

6- A training has been held for the Maintenance Team of the Building. They were familiarized with the System, how to use it, and how to perform primary maintenance to the panels, and how to solve minor problems. They have also been provided with a manual of the installed system indicating the labeling and drawings of each aspect of the system.