IBM - Smart Village Building 144

IBM Egypt has continued to put trust in our solutions for 4 consecutive projects from 2014 till today. By the end of the 4th project, IBM’s 2 Headquarters in Smart Village, Giza have become fully automated by our solutions, all 4 projects containing around 1500 of our devices. Our Energy Management Systems includes control over: 1- Lighting: Control over all lighting whether on/off, DALI Dimming, or DMX RGB Lights. Application of Daylight harvesting (constant LUX function) in areas with sunlight access. Our Energy Management Systems include: 2- HVAC: Control over all Fan Coil Units and VAV (Variable Air Volume Dampers) in all closed areas and open areas. 3- Shades: Control over motorized shades in selective areas. 4- Audio Systems: Fully compatible with the automation system. Control is done through: 1- Customized Smart Keypads for individual Room Control. 2- Over 400 pcs of our signature 12-in-1 multi-function sensors. These sensors save up space and cost by including motion, presence, light and temperature sensors all-in-one! These sensors are responsible for optimizing Lighting and HVAC usage, and eliminating human error. 3- Centralized monitoring and controlling stations.