Marriot Hotel in Zamalek

Have we ever mentioned that Marriot Hotel is one of our biggest customers?
Have we mentioned that we've made 8-No, 9 projects with Marriot Hotel before?

We'll start bragging now. Here's the list:

1- Aida banquet.
2- Salon Vert banquet.
3- Salon Royal banquet.
4- Thebes banquet.
5- Memphis banquet.
6- Verdi banquet.
7- View banquet.
8- Al Gezirah Tower Entrance.
9- Last but not least, the Indian Restaurant.

Systems consist of light dimmers (5 A, 10 A, 16 A, 25 A, 35 A) and ballast controllers. Control via SESAME switch buttons, IR remote controls and computer software. Room partionner is used to control one big room as dierent individual rooms when the folding doors are closed. A variety of products are used, with high end brands like Conson and Phillips Dynalite used.