HDL and CasaTunes-An Optimized Audio Experience

To provide homeowners with the very best possible audio and automation combination, HDL has partnered with CasaTunes.

As one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of multi-room music solutions, CasaTunes has long been the standard against which all other multi-room audio solutions are measured. With industry leading audio distribution technology, users are provided with a truly unparalleled audio experience.

To bring this audio experience to even greater heights the HDL and CasaTunes partnership will enable full system integration, creating a new generation of intelligent and interactive music solutions.

The Vice President of HDL, Mr. James Zeng, stated during the announcement meeting that;

“Music forms the soundtrack to our lives. With HDL and CasaTunes, homeowners can completely incorporate any soundtrack into their home.”

Steve Guerra, the VP of Sales at CasaTunes went on to add that;

“We want to make it as easy as possible for dealers to add CasaTunes to their HDL installations. Our integration with HDL Automation will allow the full inclusion of CasaTunes, within a HDL home automation system.”

This full integration is enabled through specially created hardware and software which allows the CasaTunes audio servers to be connected to the HDL home automation network.

Through this connection the casa tunes audio experience can be optimized, and actively incorporated into the homes existing automation solutions.