An Average Automated Apartment

HDL automation solutions have proven themselves in countless installations across the globe. Through providing owners with a simple to use and maintain building automation solution, energy savings can be made, comfort levels increased, and convenience maximized.

One of the very latest HDL installations took place in Moscow, Russia, and serves as an exemplar of just what HDL can do in an average residential automation installation.

Completed by the local HDL dealer GeniusHome, the recently built luxury apartment has been fully loaded with the latest Buspro and Buspro wireless automation solutions. This combined system brings the home owner the power of a wired system, with the flexibility of a wireless system.

Commonly in a HDL automation installation the client requests both automatic & remote control possibilities, and this installation was no different.

With the Buspro and Buspro wireless system, the home can operate automatically when the user is present, and when they are absent be fully controlled via an iOS or Android device. This enables the owners to manage their indoor and outdoor lighting, HVAC systems, shutters, fountains, and home cinema from practically any corner of the world.

As there can never be a standard ‘home automation installation’ each client brings their particular needs and desires to the HDL installer, relying on them to make their automation dream a reality. In this case the clients asked the HDL trained staff of GeniusHome to;“Provide their tropical plant collection with the correct amount of light needed when they were away from home.”

Rising to this challenge the GeniusHome team installed adaptive RGB lighting, so that even in the long dark winter months, the owner’s plants will be given the lighting conditions they would normally experience during the summer.

Controlled via the Buspro system, and triggered via an illumination sensor, the RGB plant lighting solution is just one more example of what can be achieved through the coupling of imagination and HDL automation.