Looking to the Future – HDL Product Strategy Conference

After three days of intense discussion, the HDL Product Strategy Conference has come to end. Although the conference may be over, the ideas and suggestions which were generated will go on to shape the future of HDL, and the 2017 HDL product range.

As one of HDL's main dealers around the world, our own Executive Director, Eng. Tamer Sadek, was there to attend.

During the conference many topics were discussed, with a particular focus paid towards the future role of the Buspro, Buspro wireless, and KNX product ranges.

With these three systems seeming so disparate, HDL distributors and dealers were keen to point out that each filled a specific niche.

For instance In Belgium KNX automation systems are favored, while in the Netherlands wireless systems are preferred, and in the Middle East Buspro wired systems reigns supreme.

This is precisely the reason why HDL has three separate automation systems. Different countries have different requirements, and HDL is proud to supply automation systems which meet the diverse needs of our global client base.  The conference attendees all encouraged HDL to expand the systems with new panels, sensors, and modules so that HDL could continue to lead the automation industry.

HDL would like to thank all the conference attendees for their professionalism, passion, and dedication. It is due to their hard work, not only during the conference, but every day, that HDL is able to continue to grow and develop.

To mark the end of the conference, the international sales director, Jack He, told the assembled HDL dealers and distributors that:
“Many issues were raised during the conference, presenting HDL with a wealth of information which is critical to the future development of the company. We will strive to build the HDL brand, improve our product offerings, and exceed your expectations.”

HDL wishes all conference attendees a safe journey home, and good fortune in their business ventures.