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  • How much does a Smart Home cost?

    It all depends on what aspects you needs (Lighting, A/C, Audio/Video, etc), and the scale on which these aspects will be applied including the size of the house, and which rooms the system will be installed in. Refer to our indication packages in the downloads section, they can help give you an indication for how much it costs. P.S. it starts at nearly 2,000 USD only!
  • How expandable is the system?

    A Smart Home system is like Legos, or puzzle pieces. If you have 10 pieces, we can make a tower out of those Legos. If you have 20 pieces, we can make a more impressive tower. And so on. Good news is, the system is fully expandable, you can buy 10 Legos now, 10 next year, and so on, until you have the full solution.
  • What if my home is already finished?

    We have wireless solutions, which means that even if your home is finished, you can still turn your home into a smart home! And you will not need to make any infrastructure modifications

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